iOS 17.4 is coming next week. Check out what new products you will receive.

Apple is working hard on the next update for iPhones. iOS 17.4 will be made available to everyone next week, and we already know what changes this version of the system will bring. Users in Europe will benefit the most,… Continue Reading →

These iPhone models may receive iOS 18

We do not yet know the release date for iOS 18, but some details have been leaked online. According to MacRumors, iOS 18 will be compatible with the iPhone XR, as well as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max… Continue Reading →

Apple warns against drying devices in rice

Apple has recently updated its support page, specifically addressing the issue of drying devices in rice. On this page, Apple strongly advises against using rice as a method of drying phones, emphasizing the potential negative consequences. It is not uncommon… Continue Reading →

Apple has abandoned the idea of creating a foldable iPhone.

Apple has abandoned the idea of creating a foldable iPhone. The company’s initial concerns about the project’s feasibility have proven to be valid, leading to its suspension. Recent rumors have circulated about Apple’s development of a foldable iPhone. Although Apple… Continue Reading →

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