Apple is working hard on the next update for iPhones. iOS 17.4 will be made available to everyone next week, and we already know what changes this version of the system will bring. Users in Europe will benefit the most, but the rest of the world will also not be able to complain about the lack of new features.

iOS 17.4 – changelog

As you probably know, the European Union and its regulations have recently had a significant impact on Apple, which had to make many far-reaching concessions in the field of smartphones, such as switching to USB-C, as well as opening iOS to third-party app stores. This last change, eagerly awaited by many iPhone owners, will be introduced in the upcoming iOS 17.4 update. Of course, only in the community where Apple is legally obligated to do so, while the rest of the world must comply. However, sideloading will not be the only change imposed by the EU. Starting next week, European users will experience the following changes:

Alternative App Stores – EU users will be able to download apps from third-party app stores as long as they meet Apple’s criteria for customer service, support, and security requirements.

Default browser – iPhone owners will be able to select a new default browser from the list of most downloaded browsers for iOS devices. This option will appear immediately after updating to iOS 17.4.

NFC access for third parties – European iPhones will be able to make contactless payments via banks and payment services other than those provided by Apple.