Microsoft regularly provides users with major updates to Windows. Some of these updates, like the current Moment 5, bring interesting new features. It is estimated that the major autumn 24H2 update will not be Windows 12, as previously thought, but rather it will be released in 2025. Unfortunately, the latest patch package does not install automatically and must be manually installed.

What’s new in Moment 5?

Compared to previous Moment updates, Moment 5 is a minor update. Its focus is on making necessary changes to the operating system to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA). These changes include the ability to uninstall apps like Edge Browser, Windows Photo Viewer, Camera, and Cortana, as well as the option to turn off Bing Search in Settings. However, the option to turn off Bing Search in Edge is currently grayed out and cannot be clicked. Microsoft may activate it when the DMA goes into effect on March 7, 2024. Additionally, the Copilot icon will be moved to the right side of the taskbar, replacing the previous “Show Desktop” button. There are also several smaller performance improvements.

Intelligent window layouts

Microsoft introduced Snap Layouts in 2021, which allows users to quickly arrange different application windows on their screen. With the Moment 5 update, Snap Layouts will become smarter. Windows will analyze the user’s preferences and try to predict how they want to arrange their windows. To use Snap Layouts, simply hover over the maximize/minimize button and select a layout. Additionally, you will notice new smart suggestions with app icons.

Improvements in settings

Microsoft has made changes to the Settings app in Moment 5. It is now possible to give your computer a separate name for the “Share Nearby” feature. Previously, the operating system used the default name. Microsoft has also changed the sharing UI, which now includes third-party apps like WhatsApp, Gmail, and X. Enabling the “Share Nearby” feature automatically activates Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as the feature relies on these connection protocols.

If you want to display your screen on a different monitor, open the appropriate settings by pressing the Windows Key + K. The prompt now includes two new options. One of them leads to support for the screen projection function, and the other opens the screen settings. Additionally, there is now a “Fix problems with Windows Update” option under System > Recovery. This allows you to reinstall your current version of Windows while preserving all applications, files, and settings.

New voice access features

The “Voice Access” app now supports more languages in Windows 11, including Spanish, French, and German. Unfortunately, Polish is not available. Additionally, there is a new Voice Shortcuts feature that allows you to define your own shortcuts for specific commands. Initially, Voice Shortcuts will likely only be available in the US, with plans to expand to other regions later. Improvements have also been made to voice output (Narrator), with new natural voices available for listening before downloading.

Photo by Windows on Unsplash