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The latest update for Windows 11, Moment 5, is now available. Let’s take a look at the new features

Microsoft regularly provides users with major updates to Windows. Some of these updates, like the current Moment 5, bring interesting new features. It is estimated that the major autumn 24H2 update will not be Windows 12, as previously thought, but… Continue Reading →

How to Check Your SSD Drive on Windows 11 ?

Windows 11 allows you to easily check the status of the SSD drive installed in your computer. This can be done within the system itself. It is important to take care of your SSD as data security largely depends on… Continue Reading →

You will no longer hate Windows updates. What will change? An annoying feature will disappear from Windows Update

Windows updates have long been a source of hatred for many users. In the past, computers would restart themselves, often at inconvenient times like when we were working or in the middle of watching a movie. While it’s not as… Continue Reading →

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