Apple has abandoned the idea of creating a foldable iPhone. The company’s initial concerns about the project’s feasibility have proven to be valid, leading to its suspension.

Recent rumors have circulated about Apple’s development of a foldable iPhone. Although Apple was hesitant about the device’s durability from the start, they continued with the project. However, the latest reports indicate that work on the foldable iPhone has been halted.

This information comes from Fixed Focus Digital, a prominent video blogger in China, who has inside sources claiming that Apple has temporarily stopped the development of the foldable iPhone. The prototypes created by Apple were found to be fragile, and the company is currently unsure how to address this issue.

Apple had planned to purchase various foldable phones from competitors for reverse engineering purposes. One of the prototypes for the foldable iPhone was intended to feature a screen similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Unfortunately, this display was damaged shortly after testing began. Consequently, the project has been put on hold until more durable displays that meet Apple’s standards become available.

If these reports are accurate, consumers should not anticipate the release of a foldable iPhone until at least 2027.