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Manjaro Linux, a user-friendly Arch-based distro, has gained immense popularity for its stability, rolling release model, and exceptional flexibility. But what truly sets it apart is the abundance of graphical environments (GEs) you can choose from. Whether you’re a seasoned Linux user or a curious newcomer, Manjaro offers the perfect visual experience to match your needs and preferences.

A smorgasbord of GEs

KDE Plasma: This feature-rich powerhouse boasts a sleek, customizable interface, powerful widgets, and seamless integration with popular applications. Perfect for power users and those who love a visually stunning desktop.

GNOME: This modern and minimalist environment prioritizes simplicity and user-friendliness. It’s ideal for those who prefer a clean, uncluttered workspace and appreciate intuitive navigation.

XFCE: This lightweight champion is known for its speed and efficiency, making it perfect for older machines or users who value optimal resource usage. Despite its size, it doesn’t compromise on functionality.

MATE: If you’re a fan of the classic GNOME 2 experience, look no further. MATE offers a familiar layout with a modern touch, ensuring a comfortable and productive environment.

Cinnamon: This GNOME 3 fork strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics, providing a customizable and user-friendly desktop experience.

Beyond the mainstream

Manjaro caters to diverse preferences by offering Community Editions with pre-installed GEs like Budgie, LXDE, and i3-wm. These cater to specific needs, from those seeking a lightweight and efficient desktop to tiling window managers for advanced users.

Choosing your perfect fit

The best GE for you depends on your priorities. Consider:

Hardware: If your system is older or has limited resources, XFCE or LXDE might be ideal. For powerful machines, KDE Plasma or GNOME shine.

Experience: If you’re new to Linux, GNOME or MATE offer intuitive layouts. Seasoned users might enjoy the customization of KDE Plasma or i3-wm.

Needs: Power users might prefer KDE Plasma’s features, while minimalists might favor XFCE.

The takeaway

Manjaro empowers you to personalize your Linux experience, starting with the GE. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the one that makes you feel most productive and comfortable. With its diverse selection and user-friendly approach, Manjaro is the perfect platform to explore the world of Linux desktops!