Google advises against discarding our old computers in the trash. With the end of Windows 10 approaching and the inability to install Windows 11 on these devices, an alternative option is to consider installing Chrome OS Flex.

As of October 2025, Microsoft will no longer provide support for Windows 10. The majority of old laptops are unable to accommodate Windows 11, potentially affecting up to 240 million devices in households.

Chrome OS Flex, introduced by Google, emerges as a solution. While currently not compatible with all laptops, this situation may evolve by the time Windows 10 support ends.

In a blog post, Google writes:

“With hundreds of millions of Windows 10 devices set to lose support due to incompatibility with the latest Windows version, ensuring the security and longevity of these devices should be a primary concern (…) Chrome OS Flex enables businesses to equip their current device fleets with a new, automatically updating operating system.”

Nonetheless, Chrome OS Flex may not be suitable for all users, lacking support for certain features, including Android apps from the Play Store and Windows virtual machines.

Furthermore, Chrome OS Flex encounters challenges with legacy computer interfaces, such as cellular modems, optical drives, FireWire, biometric readers, and styluses.

It may be well-suited for home users primarily utilizing web browsing.

ChromeOS Flex installation guide

Photo by Kind and Curious on Unsplash