Apple has long wanted to create a frameless MacBook screen. A certain YouTuber managed to do this by decapitating the laptop, because the Vision Pro is as good at screen emulation as a MacBook at displaying content.

It’s really easy to damage the screen of an average laptop. Without a working display, they become paperweights. He showed that it is enough to connect an external screen to them. And if you’re as creative as Chinese sellers, you can resell a MacBook without a screen as a Mac Mini.

As it turns out, a screenless MacBook can function without an external display. Vision Pro and a video guide come to the rescue here.

Luke Miani, an American YouTuber who publishes content about technology on his channel, has published a guide-presentation on how Vision Pro can be used instead of a MacBook screen. Miani had experience with removing the screen from MacBooks before, and using the Vision Pro made him think – it showed that the keyboard and trackpad alone are enough to use a MacBook, and with the device on the head the screen becomes downright problematic.

The YouTuber removed the screen from the MacBook Air M2 and then connected to the device using Vision Pro. The lack of a screen did not prevent the use of the laptop, as its screen was emulated by Vision Pro.